Friday, April 10, 2009

Round Robin

Here we all are meeting to swap our "Star and Stripe" blocks.
Do we look confused yet?? Just wait it will make sense..... PROMISE!

Yup.... still confused

Kinda scary when even the teacher looks just as confused as us. Not really! JK ;) She teaches for a paycheck and quilts for love.
Here are all of our blocks swapped and laid out. Opps can you see a few mistakes???? OK I will help you---- if you look closely some of the long up and down rectangle blocks were actually made to be horizontal rectangle blocks. Gonna have to do some rearranging.
So this little over-achiever has hers all sewn together. The first one that I have seen. Isn't it beautiful?!?!?!?!!!! And she even figured out how to get the horizontal rectangle blocks to fit in. (You would never have known there were issues if I hadn't opened my big mouth and told you.) Can you find them???
Here is a picture of our first Round Robin, Flowers in my Garden.


  1. Makes me want to sew mine together!

  2. I know, and I think that I want to make mine bigger??? I must be crazzee!