Friday, March 13, 2009

Round Robin Night

I can't wait for tonight! It will be almost like Christmas! Our round robin class is getting together and showing off our blocks and exchanging them. It is so much fun to see what everyone does. Tammy German, another pattern designer that is local, has done the math and figured out how many blocks need to be made and what sizes. Truly a daunting task if you ask me, but no one asked........ Our version of a round robin is done so that everyone that contributes to the quilt gets to have a quilt. So for this go around our theme was Star and Stripes. We all had to make a Star block and a Strip block (or squares). Did I mention that we had to make 22 of each!!!! For those that don't procrastinate this is NO problem, for those that do, well lets just say they are a little sleep deprived. OK. ALOT sleep deprived! However, they are done, done, done! I will try to remember to take pictures tonight so that I can share the fun with all of you later on. I will also take a picture of the the first round robin that we did -- Flowers in My Garden. It turned out so cute! If we had a pattern of ALL the blocks, I could have sold atleast 12 in the past week. Alas, I only have the sizes of the blocks.. ;(

So be on the lookout for our next Round Robin......It will be a "Winter" something or other. If you have any suggestions, please let us know. We are having a hard time deciding... If we choose your idea, you will receive a present from us. How's that for a wee bit of bribery???

Happy stitchin

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